AG issues anti-bullying policies, agreement for schools

TRENTON – Following up on the new anti-bullying law that went into effect this school year, the state Attorney General announced a new agreement today to establish policies to help protect students.

Attorney General Paula T. Dow today announced the agreement to be executed by school districts and law enforcement agencies throughout New Jersey.

The revised “Uniform State Memorandum of Agreement Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials” was drafted to meet the provisions of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, signed into law by Gov. Christie on Jan. 5.

The act sets forth standards for preventing, reporting, investigating and responding to incidents involving bullying of students. The agreement provides for coordination of efforts between law enforcement and school officials, particularly in cases involving conduct that may constitute a crime or disorderly persons offense under state law, Dow said in a release.

The Attorney General’s Office and Department of Education sent the Memorandum of Agreement this week to county prosecutors and county superintendents of schools for distribution to local officials.

“Bullying inflicts incalculable harm on victims, debases the bullies themselves, and degrades the safety and civility of the school environment,” Dow said in a release.

“This memorandum of agreement will help ensure that school staff and law enforcement authorities throughout New Jersey work cooperatively to investigate and address potential crimes and serious acts of bullying in our schools.”

A copy of the revised Memorandum is posted at

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AG issues anti-bullying policies, agreement for schools