Anonymous Goes After Cop In Wall Street Pepper-Spray Video

People were understandably upset after watching the YouTube video of several unarmed women being pepper-sprayed during the Occupy Wall Street protests this weekend. Whether or not the pepper-spray was used “judiciously” as the NYPD claimed, or whether it was a show of excessive force by one officer is probably only known by those that were part of the confrontation.

But the video was pretty damming, and Anonymous, one of the groups associated with the protests, decided to do what they do best and take vigilante Internet justice into their own hands. By blowing up a photo of the officer’s badge, someone was able to track down the name and personal information of the Deputy Inspector and document it to the website It already 7,000 views earlier today, and that was before Gawker made the document their front page story. The document contains the names and addresses of not only the officer in question, but his personal relatives as well.

Thankfully we live in the type of world where two wrongs make a right, and that the mistake of pepper-spraying a potentially innocent protestor could be taken out on someone’s daughter. Anonymous Goes After Cop In Wall Street Pepper-Spray Video