Art Tech Hits Dumbo Festival [VIDEO]

LED! GPS! AR! The 15th annual Dumbo Arts Festival is super-teched out, a representative told us, and on track to fill the neighborhood with multimedia as well as blindfolded wrestlers and something called The Dumpster Project.

Check out this video rendering of one project, Immersive Surfaces, which projects video onto the Manhattan Bridge and surrounding buildings to “blur boundaries between perception, art and technology.”

Other projects:

· Manifest.AR, curated by John Cleater, presents a series of augmented reality projects on the Brooklyn waterfront viewable by using the free LAYAR app on iPhone 3GS/4 or Android smartphone.

· Janet Biggs’ premier of Wet Exit, a multi-media performance that looks at loss, chaos and control. Wet Exit combines projected video images and musicians with choreographed kayakers performing in the East River.

· Mac Premo’s The Dumpster Project uses a converted 30-foot long industrial dumpster as exhibition space to showcase more than 400 personal objects.

· Shaun ‘El C.’ Leonardo’s Battle Royal, a performance art spectacle recreating the opening scene of Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man. The performance will feature 15 blindfolded professional wrestlers fighting inside a 16-foot high steel cage until only one man is left standing.

· Emilie Baltz and Jeremy Linzee’s Buoys, a set of circular, metal disks that float on the surface of the East River and reflect the surroundings. As points of stillness in the water, the disks allow visitors to engage the environment in a new way.

· Lily Mooney’s Wandering Directions, a self-guided audio tour that leads listeners through an intimate and tactile experience of Dumbo. The tour weaves together storytelling, instruction and observation, drawing attention to large cityscapes and overlooked details alike.

· Gabriel Barcia-Colombo’s For Those Who Wait, an audiovisual installation that traps the subject in a small room filled with 24 video-mapped clocks. Certain moments in time appear to stand still, while others fly by as the entire room is filled with a cacophony of ticking and kinetic motion.

· Brooklyn Love Stories gives patrons the opportunity to tell their Brooklyn-based love stories to artist Iviva Olenicks who will create impromptu embroideries based on the stories for guests to take with them.

· Erin Hudak’s Love You Forever, a message of love to New York City made of silver and gold Mylar balloons that will be inflated in the East River.

Art Tech Hits Dumbo Festival [VIDEO]