Bill Clinton 'Back to Work' with New Book from Knopf

Waiting in the wings.

Bill Clinton is writing another book! Called Back to Work, it’s going to tell everyone how to get America “back into the future business.”

In a statement from Knopf, the book is said to detail “how we can get out of the current economic crisis and lay a foundation for long-term prosperity. He offers specific recommendations on how we can put people back to work, increase bank lending and corporate investment, double our exports, restore our manufacturing base, and create new businesses. He supports President Obama’s emphasis on green technology, saying that change in the way we produce and consume energy is the strategy most likely to spark a fast growing economy and enhance our national security.”

This sounds like a political agenda…

“There is no evidence that we can succeed in the twenty-first century with an antigovernment strategy,” writes Clinton in a statement from Knopf, “with a philosophy grounded in ‘You’re on your own’ rather than ‘We’re all in this together.’”

Knopf also published Mr. Clinton’s first book, My Life.

Bill Clinton 'Back to Work' with New Book from Knopf