Bloggers Don't Cotton to Hidden Camera Commercial

ConAgra had a great idea to sell some Marie Callender frozen lasagna, reports The New York Times. Get some whiny food and mommy bloggers (the premise seemed to go) and tell them that you’re giving them a delicious meal by a celebrity chef. Then, just as they’re scratching their heads and pondering the fact that maybe one doesn’t need to be a good cook to be a celebrity chef, surprise them by revealing that they actually just ate frozen food. And tell them that they’ve been on camera the whole time.

Oddly enough, the plan just completely fell apart.

“We discussed with the group the sad state of chemical-filled foods,” wrote Mr. Binder [of]. “And yet, you still fed me the exact thing I said I did not want to eat.” (Among the ingredients in the lasagna: sodium nitrate, BHA, BHT, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate.)

Two thoughts here. One, this went a lot better when Taco Bell reached out to the shrimp blogger community.

And two, Chris Farley.

What do you want, more thoughts? It’s Wednesday, read the paper.

Bloggers Don't Cotton to Hidden Camera Commercial