Bloomberg Backs Rick Perry On Immigration [Video]

Mayor Mike Bloomberg appeared on “John King USA” and threw his support behind Rick Perry–or on the Texas governor’s immigration policies, at least.

Asked about Perry’s support for immigration reform and a border fence, Hizzoner said, “He happens to be right on both of those things.  But I think you’ve got to differentiate between what may be good politics within the beginning of a primary race as opposed to what happens when the bigger states get involved in the primary race or what happens in a general election. And then there’s another minor problem here. Whether it’s good politics or it’s bad politics, you’re an American.  And what’s questions, what’s right for the country, even if it doesn’t help or hurt your career.”

Perry has been slammed by Mitt Romney and others in the G.O.P. field for supporting the right of illegal immigrants who were brought to Texas as children to receive in-state tuition as Texas colleges.

“The bottom line is Romney is wrong on this one,” Bloomberg said. ” This is the future of America.  And Perry is right on this one.  I don’t agree with Perry on other things, but on this one he’s right.”

Take a look:


Bloomberg Backs Rick Perry On Immigration [Video]