Bloomberg, Postmodern Merchant Prince: Mayor's Luxe Homes Exposed

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, dressed down unlike his homes.

Ever wonder how Mayor Bloomberg decorates his homes?  Well, until yesterday afternoon, shots of his lavish homes were hiding in plain sight on the website of his personal decorator, Jamie Drake.

Although Mayor Bloomberg takes great pains to cultivate a down-to-earth image, his home furnishings tell a much different tale. Intrepid decor reporters at the New York Times asked experts to analyze the shots on the Mr. Drake’s site. According to their findings, New York City’s fearless leader has paintings by Dutch masters in the foyer of his New York townhouse, complemented by antique accent tables worth upwards of $90,000 and a Chippendale couch reportedly valued at $1 million dollars.

With heavy drapery, opulent chandeliers and antique furnishings scattered throughout, the plush townhouse speaks to Mr. Bloomberg’s billionaire status, not the business casual image he strives to maintain.

The highlight of the Times article is surely the commentary by behavioral scientist Winnifred Gallagher, who analyzes Mayor Blooomberg’s personality based on his selection of decor. Ms. Gallagher envisions the properties’ owner as  “a sort of postmodern version of the 16th-century Italian merchant prince or maybe the 19th-century American robber baron… someone who can afford to express his wealth and taste and bold personality with the best that money can buy, the best art, the best design.”

Unsurprisingly, the images were removed from Ms. Drake’s website on Monday, so you will no longer be able to scrutinize his three tastefully decorated commodes.

Bloomberg, Postmodern Merchant Prince: Mayor's Luxe Homes Exposed