Bloomberg Spox: ‘Haggerty Lies’

A spokesman for Mayor Mike Bloomberg called John Haggerty, the Queens political operative who stands accused of bilking the mayor for over $1 million, a liar who will say anything to avoid a prison term.

“The District Attorney has said that the Mayor did not break any law.

“And as the District Attorney made clear in today’s opening statement, the person accused of breaking the law in this trial is Mr. Haggerty, who the evidence will show stole money from Mayor Bloomberg through outright lies.

“Mr. Haggerty and his legal team are ¬†prepared to say anything to avoid prison.”

The spokesman, Jason Post, released the statement at the conclusion of the day’s testimony once it became clear that the strategy for the defense included alleging that Mr. Haggerty was merely a fall-guy for district attorney Cy Vance and for the Bloomberg campaign.

Bloomberg Spox: ‘Haggerty Lies’