Brooklyn Adds Vodka to Its Indie Liquor Cabinet

Brooklyn Republic Vodka

We know you’ve been stockpiling Brooklyn whiskey and Williamsburg cigarettes and maybe even collecting those Spike Lee inspired Absolut Brooklyn bottles. Fortunately you can officially add vodka to the laundry list of Brooklyn vices, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

A father and daughter team has created “Brooklyn Republic Vodka,” naturally distilled in a Navy Yard warehouse. And don’t expect to find any Icelandic purified H20 in this recipe: the concoction is made with straight Brooklyn water—lead, rat poison, arsenic and all. Don’t worry, though, it’s been distilled a full six times, so only the whiff of Brooklyn terrior remains.

The new tipple is the brainchild of Kary Laskin and her father Gary Shokin, a Lithuanian cab driver who now owns an auto shop. Mr. Shokin crafted the recipe for the liquor himself, hopefully not working on cars as he did so. Now he has given up his business entirely, dedicating all his energy to the blossoming vodka business.

So far, the brand is carried at several local liquor stores and served—where else—at Edison-bulbed, reclaimed-wood-clad Brooklyn bars.

Brooklyn Adds Vodka to Its Indie Liquor Cabinet