California Dreamin’

As Olympic gold medalist turned state senate canididate Carl Lewis struggles to convince the courts he actually lives in New Jersey and not California as his opponents  claim, he was spotted Thursday having lunch at an outdoor eatery…in San Francisco.

According to something called Eaterwire the track star had himself a wasabi burger, spinach salad and strawberry margarita at “The Plant Cafe.”

The post on Eaterwire, which bills itself as the “source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation’s most important food cities,” is dated Sept. 8, a day after District Court Judge Noel Hillman upheld a ruling from Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno booting Lewis from the ballot in the 8th District.

Lewis says he has been a New Jersey resident the past four years and so is eligible to run.  But opponents say Lewis resided in California during that time, even voting in elections there. 

We know he is probably just visiting to blow off steam from his busy campaign schedule, but who doesn’t like a little irony on another rainy weekend.

California Dreamin’