Christie done talking about Oliver issue

HOPEWELL – Gov. Chris Christie had the same answer today that he had last week on whether his account of the pension and benefits reform passage given in a political speech was accurate. It was, he said.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver called the governor’s account a lie, which Christie said today seemed like a “defensive” response from Oliver.

He reiterated his belief that her lower chamber shepherding of the bill was “courageous,” and that her actions would be historically vindicated in the eyes of taxpayers.

Even though Christie has himself called Oliver a liar in the past, he also continued to not engage the lawmaker in what he terms “name-calling.”

“I’m growing up in this job, too,” Christie said. “In January 2010, I would have really taken it to heart.” He was critical of Democrats for using his account of interactions with Oliver as another reason to threaten Oliver’s position as speaker, and said he was done talking about the issue.

Christie done talking about Oliver issue