Christie goes after Wisniewski in Sayreville

SAYREVILLE – Appearing in the home town of State Democratic Party Chairman John Wisniewski, Gov. Chris Christie deepened his dismay over the lack of action by Wisniewski and the Democratic Party on ethics reforms proposed by the Republican governor.

“Why is it in Sayreville that Assemblyman Wisniewski… wouldn’t support (transparency to know where legislators draw income),” Christie said. “Instead he’s hiding. All he does all day is put out nasty press releases about me.

“The only thing is it made me learn how to pronounce his name,” Christie added of the Middlesex lawmaker and potential 2013 challenger to Christie.

The GOP governor overlaid his remarks to a big crowd at the seniors center with a self-congratulatory reminder that “divided government” (GOP governor/Democratic Legislative Majority) has produced results.

He didn’t name healthcare and pension benefits cuts but the implication was there.

He carefully contrasted his efforts with Washington, D.C., where President Barack Obama has struggled to reach consensus with a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

But it didn’t take him very long to return to his arms-length targets.

Christie said Trenton Democrats are hypocrites, continuously complaining about his lack of disclosure on trips while refusing to advance legislation that shows the public where they draw income.

“One area that’s been disappointing,” Christie said, regarding his rivals’ refusal to move on ethics.

Christie wants to demolish dual office holidng; he wants one source of public income per official; and he doesn’t want elected officials to pay their criminal defense attorneys.

“That was given to help them get elected, not as a get out of jail free card,” the governor said in reference to the last.

He dinged state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, (D-37), Teaneck again over her bill that would require the governor to provide a 24-hour heads-up every time he leaves the state.

“She sent out more press releases than you can count,” griped the governor.

As he spoke, Wisniewski responded with a double-edged press release.

“I want to welcome Governor Christie to my hometown of Sayreville for his town meeting today,” Wisniewski said. “It is always an honor to host a Governor, regardless of party.”

Then he threw a body blow. 

“While he’s here, I hope the Governor explains to the hard working men and women of Sayreville why, since coming to office, he chose to reduce their property tax rebates, reduce municipal aid to Sayreville by $2,290,033, and reduce education aid to Sayreville public schools by $2,252,464, while cutting taxes for New Jersey’s millionaires,” said the state party chairman.

“Sayreville residents could have spent that money on pressing needs, and given our economy a boost. Meanwhile, millionaires simply stash the cash in their bank accounts. I believe it reflects misplaced priorities as, I suspect, do most residents of Sayreville.”

Christie scoffed to laughs. 

“A whining crying insignificant press release about some dopey issue,” said the governor.

“How about voting on ethics reform? Wouldn’t that be a sign of good faith?”

Fuming off the record, a Democratic source told, “That’s classic. Property taxes and education are some dopey issues.  Is this guy for real. Look at any NJ poll for the last 30 years, and they are always #1 and 2 concerns. Ethics reform is NEVER mentioned, unless prompted and usually ranks about 12th. He has THE thinnest skin I have ever seen in an elected.”

Below are those pieces of legislation backed by the governor that the Democrats refuse to advance… 

Annual Financial Disclosure Statement – NOT ENACTED

A2768 Conditional Vetoed and received in the Assembly September 13 2010

Days Since Conditional Vetoed: 371

Legislative Days Since Conditional Vetoed: 34 (Senate: 22 Assembly: 12)


Ban on Dual Office Holding – NOT ENACTED

A278 Introduced on January 12 2010

Days Since Introduced: 615

Legislative Session Days Since Introduced: 54 (Senate: 34 Assembly: 20)


Ban on Dual Public Employment – NOT ENACTED

A2556 Introduced on March 16 2010

Days Since Introduced: 547

Legislative Session Days Since Introduced: 49 (Senate: 31 Assembly: 18)


Conflict of Interest Standard for Legislators – NOT ENACTED

No legislation has been introduced to implement this proposal.


Pension Forfeiture for Convicted Public Officials – NOT ENACTED

A1765 Introduced on January 12 2010

Days Since Introduced: 615

Legislative Session Days Since Introduced: 54 (Senate: 34 Assembly: 20)


Forfeiture of Campaign Funds for Convicted Public Officials – NOT ENACTED

A1340 Introduced on January 12 2010

Days Since Introduced: 615

Legislative Session Days Since Introduced: 54 (Senate: 34  Assembly: 20)


Prohibition on the Use of Campaign Funds for Criminal Defense Costs – NOT ENACTED

S1497 Introduced February 22 2010

Days Since Introduced: 574

  Christie goes after Wisniewski in Sayreville