Christie’s office rebuts Sweeney on jobs growth efforts

TRENTON – Following a fast-paced morning in which Senate President Steve Sweeney helped kick off a busy Senate Budget Committee session that featured more than a dozen jobs or tax-break related bills being cleared, the governor’s office weighed in.

“Senator Sweeney has had a lot to say on jobs lately, but his absence from the trenches of Trenton belies his remarks,” a release from Gov. Christie’s office begins.

“Senator Sweeney has been at work in Trenton just nine of the last 83 days, while the Assembly hasn’t shown up at all.

“If the Senator were really concerned about putting New Jerseyans back to work and not just politicking for the fall campaign, he could have actually shown up for work this summer.

“Simply parachuting into Trenton now and then – or just phoning in political statements for a press release – is not work and does not translate into jobs for New Jerseyans.

The Governor, in contrast, has set policies, enacted legislation and fostered a pro-business, pro-jobs atmosphere not seen in New Jersey for years.

“Since Governor Christie took office, New Jersey has created nearly 54,000 private sector jobs, compared to a net loss of 155,000 private sector jobs during the Corzine Administration and Democratic control of both houses of the legislature.”

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