Christie's, Pursuing New Clients, Adds Sale in Dubai

Christie's New York, at 20 Rockefeller Plaza. (Photo: David Shankbone / Wikipedia)

The art-auction calendar in the Middle East continues to get busier, with Christie’s announcing that it will add a second day to its October sales of modern and contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art in Dubai.

The new “part two” auction–a regular event in developed markets like London and New York–will include works with estimates ranging from $3,000 to $50,000, which are lower than those included in the main sale.

The sale will include more contemporary works than the main Christie’s evening sale in the emirate. “The nature of the work will attract the younger crowd because it’s more edgy than the other works,” art dealer Asmaa Al Shabibi, of the Lawrie Shabibi gallery, told The National, a paper in the United Arab Emirates. “I think what they are doing is smart.”

By offering work that is fresher to market, Christie’s will be competing more directly with primary market dealers in the area like Ms. Al Shabibi.

“This will engage more UAE nationals into collecting art and investing in their own artists,” Christie’s specialist Hala Khayat told the paper, which notes that the unveilings of branches of the Louvre and the Guggenheim in nearby Abu Dhabi are likely to boost the wealthy’s interest in modern and contemporary art–and presumably art auctions–in the region.

The newly added auction will be held on the evening of Oct. 26 in Dubai, the day following the house’s main auction of modern and contemporary Arab art. Christie's, Pursuing New Clients, Adds Sale in Dubai