Committee for Our Children’s Future undertakes $1.5 million ad campaign

Backers of Gov. Chris Christie today launched a $1.5 million-dollar television campaign to promote the Republican governor’s policies. 

The Bernardsville-based Committee for Our Children’s Future (CCF), a self-proclaimed independent 501(c)(4) organization, is airing the ad on New York and Philadelphia broadcast and New Jersey statewide cable stations.

“Washington is moving in the wrong direction. From runaway spending and record debt to gridlock, our federal government is not working. Meanwhile, in New Jersey things are moving in the right direction — two balanced budgets, a billion dollars in wasteful spending cut and millions of dollars in new education funding,” said Brian Jones, spokesperson, Committee for Our Children’s Future.

“New Jersey should serve as a national model for government leaders across the country. It’s time for a better economic future for taxpayers, working families, and our children. We must protect our children’s future and keep the New Jersey reform movement going.”

The ad launch roughly coincided with Christie’s education reform kickoff this month in time for campaign season. 

At his press conference today, Christie said he is not personally responsible for the group’s efforts but welcomed their support.

“It’s always nice when you have a group of people out there who are supporting you,” the governor ssaid.

Committee for Our Children’s Future undertakes $1.5 million ad campaign