Costumes Back in Fashion at Patricia Field

"Love Monkey" Costume from Patricia Field

“GURLZ AND BOIZ!” Patricia Field’s website reads. “GET READY FOR HALLOWEEN?”

As holiday fast approaches, the storied designer and stylist is hoping to capitalize on the costume craze. A longstanding New York fashion fixture, Ms. Field is once again gearing up for the holiday and has launched a line of provocative guises (advertised with equally provocative grammar) for the occasion this year.

During an unrelated interview, Ms. Fields mentioned the project to The Observer. “Our shop is on the edge,” the Sex and the City stylist explained. “Our core customer…dresses on the edge all year round, but the general population comes running to us for Halloween because that’s when they want to dress on the edge. We responded to the initial clamor when we realized that people who work in offices and lawyers are coming to us for Halloween,” she said. How edgy! The result is an elaborate line of costumes—from Justin Bieber inspired wigs to throwback Flashdance ensembles—available both at Ms. Field’s store and, for the office-bound, through her website.

The outfits are just the beginning, however. Members of the ‘general population’ can go to Ms. Field’s shop to have their drab hair done up and sallow skin painted by the pros.  While Ms. Field’s year-round clientele may be well versed in the arts of theatrical cosmetics, the corporate crowd will need a little help to bring out that inner freak for Halloween. Bringing together team of make-up artists and hair-stylists, the boutique will be transformed into a one-stop Halloween destination for diehard revelers later this month. “It’s quite an experience to come to my shop during the few days before Halloween,” she said matter-of-factly. “That’s always one the insane times in our shop. Insane.”

What does Ms. Field anticipate people will be wearing this Halloween? “Every year there’s always a leading so-called costume that people come in for,” she said. “I still think Lady Gaga is going to be big, very big,” Ms. Field told The Observer. For those interested in something less mainstream, the Patricia Field website offers an impressive selection of off-color costumes. “We have wigs and we have all kinds of fashions pieces that become reinterpreted by the general population as Halloween or costume or extreme,” Ms. Field noted. Unisex bondage suits (we’re still trying to work that one out), elaborate eye patches, a slinky rhinestone dress (yours for only $1,460) and pink monkey suits, are just a few of this year’s highlights. Costumes Back in Fashion at Patricia Field