Dems Tie G.O.P. Rep to Obama

How unpopular is Barack Obama? The New York State Democratic Party is now trying to tie a Republican congresswoman to the president.

Upstate congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle was nominated to be a representative of the United States of America to the Sixty-sixth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations earlier this week, despite once calling Mr. Obama “the worst president in history.”

“On behalf of the New York State Democratic Committee, I would like to congratulate Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle on her new role in the Obama administration, which will give Congresswoman Buerkle a platform to promote President Obama’s foreign policy initiatives on the world stage,” said State Chair Jay Jacobs. “We commend Congresswoman Buerkle for rejecting her previous views on the President and joining the team. It’s an honor to have a New Yorker serve as a proxy vote for President Obama at the United Nations.”

When she was nominated, Rep. Buerkle accepted the post because she said it would allow her to remain “watchful that American taxpayer dollars sent to the United Nations are used appropriately and do not end up in the hands of programs or agencies under the control of corrupt regime.”
s Dems Tie G.O.P. Rep to Obama