Did TechStars Startup CrowdTwist Just Get Sexy Enough for Bloomberg TV?

Too sexy for this startup?

OnSwipe’s Jason Baptiste better watch his back!

As the promo reel for TechStars new reality show make clear, Bloomberg producers are trying to frame one startup as a “winner” from the inaugural New York class for the live series finale in October based on whoever picks up the most funding. “One will score a $5 miiillion dollar check!” intones the announcer moments after we see Jason Baptiste cracking his neck in preparation for Demo Day. OnSwipe, of course, already scored a $5 million “Series Awesome” round in June.

But today’s announcement that CrowdTwist, a startup that uses game mechanics to encourage brand loyalty and rewards programs, picked up $6 million in funding from SoftBank Capital, Fairhaven Capital, and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (LiveNation, Sony Music, and Kelly Clarkson have used the service) may have just thrown production for a loop.

This is good news for CrowdTwist co-founder and CEO Irving Fain, who told Betabeat last week, “I guess revenue isn’t sexy enough for Bloomberg,” after watching his scenes end up on the cutting room floor.

But based on a conversation @benpopper overheard at last week’s premiere party in the West Village, it’s possible Mr. Baptiste isn’t going to give up that easily. Mr. Baptiste was talking to Bloomberg News producer Elizabeth Gould. “Six is the number to beat?” he asked, which we assume refers to CrowdTwist’s $6 million. Ms. Gould affirmed. Anyone else looking to get more screen time might want to keep that number in mind. Did TechStars Startup CrowdTwist Just Get Sexy Enough for Bloomberg TV?