Dr. Barer: Rutgers, medical school merger necessary step

TRENTON – The chairman of the committee that recommended placing Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center,  the School of Public Health, and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey with Rutgers University explained that the move is necessary if the state’s life sciences higher education system is to take the next step toward being a nationally recognized destination for students.

Dr. Sol J. Barer, whose University of Medicine and Dentistry Advisory Committee gave its interim recommendations to Gov. Chris Christie, said the issue is a clear one if “our objective is to get Rutgers University in the best position to serve people in the state, especially in medicine.’’

Barer said a merger is the best way to integrate Rutgers, a research university, with a medical school, “providing basic science all the way to patient care.’’

RWJ facilities already are on-campus, making transitions easier, but Barer acknowledged that there will be issues integrating upper-level administrations that will take time to work out.

Earlier at a press conference, Gov. Christie said in regards to UMDNJ’s facilities – the New Jersey Medical School, the New Jersey Dental School, and the School of Nursing – that they must remain in the city, whether or not the committee ultimately recommends more changes.

The committee’s interim report is attached.

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