Drunk People: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

A match made in heaven.

Leave the flasks at home, New York moviegoers!

Last August, Gov. Cuomo passed a law that allows movie theaters with restaurants to serve booze as well, making a trip to the cinema that much more appealing. Now, AMC Theaters tells The New York Post that they are considering equipping their eight theaters in Manhattan with these eateries. Just imagine. Patrons buy their beer and their wine, take it back to their seats, repeat steps one and two to their hearts’ content, and there you go. A perfect movie-watching experience.

Seeing as people like to drink, lawmakers hope the new policy will bring more city dwellers from the saloons to the screens, The Post report explains.

“Adults aren’t enjoying going to the movies [which cater to] adolescents,” said Cathy Peake, a spokeswoman for Assemblyman Joe Lentol (D–Brooklyn), who sponsored the bill.

No word on when AMC Dine-In Theaters will descend upon Manhattan, but Brooklyn movie houses such as Nitehawk Cinemas and indieScreen already have food outposts, and hope to tap the kegs this fall. Hopefully they’ll have everything ready before The Muppets comes out!

Drunk People: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You