Etsy Is Upsetsy! Files Complaint Over,,, and


Yesterday Etsy filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum, which handles domain name disputes for ICANN, over five “EtsySucks” domains: .com, .biz, .info, .org and .net. ( is still free!) The domains appear to be owned by the former editor of the now-defunct “Unofficial Etsy News Blog” previously at, Domain Name Wire reports.

The gist of the dispute is that the owner hasn’t put anything up on the sites yet, suggesting they were registered “in bad faith,” DNW says. That implies the owner of the domains is attempting to extract some money from the lords of Etsy–perhaps asking for hush money?

Etsy’s got a passionate community and there are pockets of users with very intense co-mingled feelings of love-hate. EtsyBitch, for example, is “a communal blog of likeminded Etsians who are tired of the demeaning treatment, abuse, and general mismanagement of the site.” As Etsy is supposed to be a marketplace for hand-made goods, the very funny Regretsy calls out instances of factory-made goods and other junk. Etsy also has extremely active forums.

We’ve asked Etsy for comment. Etsy Is Upsetsy! Files Complaint Over,,, and