Fashion Week Strategy: How to Get Noticed by Street Photographers

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist

Fashion Week! It’s here, so time to get rid of your summertime clothes and put together something more presentable. You could get your picture taken at any time. It’s true! If you’re on the street, you’re fair game for the cameras.

Or as Anna Wintour put it in Bill Cunningham New York, “We all get dressed for Bill.”

But the iconic Times shutterbug is far from the only cameraman with influence lurking around Lincoln Center. Our friends at The Cut have put together a lovely slideshow in which street-style mavens share their secrets and reveal what they look for in a picture. Want to catch a tastemaker’s eye in the time it takes to cross the street? Pay attention, kids!

Scott Schuman, (The Sartorialist)

The people who want to play the game dress with more care, and the people who don’t – either because they don’t like the spotlight or just because they feel like it’s not their game to play – maybe tend to lay a little lower than they might usually.

Jason Jean (Citizen Couture)

There’s a list of editors/stylists/models that I look for, but to name a few: Kate Lanphear, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Joanna Hillman, Shala Monroque, and Frida Gustavsson.

Not them? Out of luck!

Garance Doré (French street-style blogger/photographer)

Attitude and personality. And I love a good hat.

And Phil Oh, of Streetpeeper, who do you want to shoot?

The new batch of young editors, stylists, and bloggers who show up for their first fashion weeks.

Well, we know some new and not-so-new “bloggers” who might interest you as they trot past the Lincoln Center fountain, Phil. What? Oh, no, we’re not talking about ourselves. We’re holding out for Bill.

Fashion Week Strategy: How to Get Noticed by Street Photographers