Federal grant to fund rehiring of police officers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than 75 police officers in New Jersey will be rehired as a result of Department of Justice grant.

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. said that a total of 78 officers in a dozen towns will be rehired due to $20 million in federal grants.

“More cops on the beat will have a direct impact keeping our kids safe as they go to and from school, preventing crime and decreasing police response time when crime does happen,” Pallone said.

The COPS Hiring Program fully funds entry-level salaries and benefits for full-time police officers over a three-year period. Grant funding can be used to hire new officers, rehire officers who have been laid off and retain officers who are scheduled to lose their jobs as the result of budget cutbacks.

Several towns in New Jersey have been forced to cut back on police forces in light of the property tax cap and tight budgets.

Here is a list of the towns, the grant totals, and the number of officers.

Asbury Park Police Department – $1,610,840 for five officers.

Borough of Buena – $223,173 for one officer.

Burlington Police Department – $642,164 for two officers.

City of Camden – $3,794,966 for 14 officers.

Township of Irvington – $1,986,472 for eight officers.

Township of Little Egg Harbor – $595,568 for two officers.

Long Branch Police Department – $1,518,388 for four officers.

Millville Police Bureau – $1,171,476 for four officers.

New Brunswick Police Department – $1,682,807 for seven officers.

City of Newark – $6,028,700 for 25 officers.

City of Vineland – $1,242,680 for five officers.

Township of Westampton – $282,793 for one officer

Federal grant to fund rehiring of police officers