Fox: Christie not running for president

Fox News this afternoon confirmed that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has “officially announced that he will not seek the presidential nomination ahead of the 2012 election.”

The New Jersey governor is scheduled to deliver a speech tonight entitled “American Exceptionalism” at the Reagan Library in California, fueling speculation that he intends to heed calls for him to challenge President Barack Obama amid ongoing GOP worries that the current presidental field is weak.

Fox says no.

Not happening.

Two weeks ago, two Republican sources told Christie’s initial hard no to presidential speculation “was no longer a hard no.”

These were sources outside the kitchen cabinet who both want Christie to run and – by their own admission – were doing everything in their power to encourage a run.

A third source with ties to the Fox News network told that GOP bigshot Roger Ailes was doing everything possible behind the scenes to launch Christie.

A week later, two sources closer to Christie said it wasn’t going to happen.

One of those sources met with the governor and was convinced Christie meant it.

Today, Fox News confirmed his unwillingness to run. 

Fox: Christie not running for president