Fresh Off His Funny, Gary Johnson Nabs Roger Stone

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was something of the star of the most recent G.O.P. debate with his line about how his dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than Barack Obama. He needed the boost; despite a healthy attitude about success and failure Johnson has languished in the polls, so much so in fact that the debate was the first one he had been invited to attend.

But now, look out world: the former New Mexico governor has garnered the backing of New York political consultant Roger Stone.

Writing on his blog The Stone Zone:

The most interesting thing in the debate was the national debut of Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico, a pro-pot, anti-war libertarian with a record of cutting taxes and spending and creating more jobs than Mitt Romney in Massachusetts or Governor Rick Perry in Texas.

The STONEzone formally endorses Governor Gary Johnson for the Republican nomination for president in this very posting. Be sure to read this exceptional profile on Governor Gary Johnson from GQ.

It is unclear if Stone will end up doing any work for Gov. Johnson–he has been known to volunteer in quiet ways on behalf of candidates he supports. Fresh Off His Funny, Gary Johnson Nabs Roger Stone