Future Interview Staffer Peter Brant II Practices the Art of Questions at the Alexander Wang Show

A reporter in action.

Peter Brant II, if you do recall, is the nattily dressed eldest son of big-time art collector Peter Brant and his supermodel wife, Stephanie Seymour. He once referred to himself as “fabulous and conceited.” He is completing his senior year of high school, will attend Hunter next year, and summers in Venice.

He’s also gainfully employed. WWD reports that, starting in November, Mr. Brant II and his pocket square will be occupying an office at Interview, the magazine his father owns.

He says that he’s lined up friends Daphne Guinness, Ralph Lauren and John Galliano for the first chats, and that in lieu of actual training in journalism, he talked to Charlie Rose for 45 minutes in Vienna.

The Observer got a chance to sample the tete-a-tete style of the teenaged scribe before the Alexander Wang show Saturday evening. He was seated with his younger brother, Harry, sandwiched between photographer Terry Richardson and his new boss, Interview editor Fabien Baron. When supermodel Linda Evangelista walked by en route to her seat in the airplane hanger space, Our Man in Greenwich jumped at the chance to do some muckraking. Here is what transpired.

Scene: Alexander Wang S/S 2012 runway show. Pier 94. Manhattan. A breezy September Saturday. Four enormous rectangular mirrors rest length-wise in the center of the room, flanked on all sides by bleachers packed to the brim. One of the most anticipated shows of the year is about to begin.

BRANT, in a white tuxedo ensemble, is twirling a golden pen between his fingers. EVANGELISTA, in black leather, approaches.

BRANT: Oh hey!

EVANGELISTA: How are you!

BRANT: Oh my god you look fantastic.

EVANGELISTA: And this too, wow!

BRANT: So. Are you going to Alex’s after party?


BRANT: Or, oh, are you going to Carine’s party?


(BRANT, with a twinkle in his eye, smiles and rubs two fingers over his quarter-sized ring)

BRANT: I’ll text you, OK? Love!

(EVANGELISTA walks toward her seat as BRANT, smiling, returns to his, the flash of his gold pen catching the lights overhead, his eyes staring directly at the mirror in front of him).

Future Interview Staffer Peter Brant II Practices the Art of Questions at the Alexander Wang Show