Get That Gorilla! Point Farming on

Ben Dowling is a software engineer behind such sites as Do Nothing for 2 MinutesBusMapper and Geomium, as well as a co-organizer of the monthly Hacker News London meetup. He’s also, as of this week, attained the status of gorilla on the music streaming game–which he did it from the U.K., where Turntable is supposed to be blocked, and in less than 48 hours.

“The most prized avatar on the site, a gorilla, requires 1,000 points,” Mr. Dowling writes on his blog. “Currently that’s something that has only been achieved by 4,000 of the sites users, and something that has taken most of them weeks or even months of effort.”

Mr. Dowling explains his nefarious scheme in detail–he basically set up a room with fake avatars that did nothing but vote “awesome” on every song–and even posted the code he used on GitHub, so presumably Turntable will crack down on some of the loopholes that allow for this kind of “point farming.”

“I went through this process mostly out of curiosity,” he writes. Get That Gorilla! Point Farming on