Giuliani To New Hampshire Again?

Just as Yankee Republicans were lining up behind behind Chris Christie, Jake Menges, a close Rudy Giuliani, headed to New Hampshire to tell party activists there not to rule out his guy just yet.


One of the mayor’s closest political advisers, Jake Menges, hosted private meetings with a host of key Republicans in the state, including Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, likely gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith, Congressman Charlie Bass and GOP activist Stephen Talarico, owner of Manchester Harley-Davidson.

“Jake said to me, ‘Just keep your powder dry for another few weeks,'” Talarico told The Associated Press…

Smith, a Giuilani supporter in 2008, said he met with Menges in a Manchester coffee shop Wednesday afternoon.

“They were just gauging my thoughts about whether there’s room for his candidacy,” Smith said. “I told them that my sense, based on the calls for (New Jersey Gov.) Chris Christie to get in, is there’s still some discontentment among Republicans and there could be a spot for another candidate. That being said, time is certainly winding down.”

Menges did not indicate a timeline for Giuliani’s final decision.


  Giuliani To New Hampshire Again?