Gojee, Master of the Double-Pivot, Raises $1.2 M.

Om nom Gojee.

Gojee, the photo-heavy recipe recommendations app–think AllRecipes.com meets What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner–started as Mint.com for food, then became Twitter for food, before its founders finally settled on the current conceit: suggestions based on preferences and allergies, plus what the cook has in his or her larder. It was a hit! And after some lovin’ from the media and users, Gojee has picked up a cool $1.2 million from Kapor Capital along with Ustream co-founder Brad Hunstable as an advisor. 

Gojee found its investors through AngelList. The process took a few months, Gojee co-founder Michael LaValle told Betabeat in an email. “Awesome, awesome experience,” he said.

With the money, Gojee plans to hire engineers and work on business development. “We don’t currently make any money, and that’s also a function of why the round is a bit on the large side.  There are a few coals in the fire regarding revenue, and we want to make sure we approach that decision very carefully and methodically,” Mr. LaValle said.

“We’d like to expand the engineering team a bit (who doesnt 🙂 and we’re working on some pretty cool features that we’ll be launching shortly.  This money really gives us the runway and the capital to step on the gas a bit as we explore mobile, etc,” he said. Gojee, Master of the Double-Pivot, Raises $1.2 M.