Grindr Finally Reveals “Project Amicus”! Its a Grindr for Straights. Called Blendr!

Blendr iPhone Cascade
More fun than jumping into a real blender!

The MoLoSo (mobile local social) space is really heating up. OkCupid recently launched a mobile app to help horny folks find a little local love that they swear is the “anti-Grindr”. Betabeat already told you about Bromance, the location based network for “dudes that do”. But who better to do the anti- Grindr than the OG of spontaneous celly sex, Grindr!

Today Grindr unveiled what it called the “highly anticipated Prject Amicus”, a platonic grindr for straights called Blendr. From the presser:

With Blendr, users can discover new people based on a broad range of interest categories. For example, college students can interact and make new friends on campus and at concerts, while travelers can make new connections abroad, and sports fans can find other fellow enthusiasts.

Users can check-in to venues, browse how many others are at those venues, and determine whether to venture to the trending hot spot. Blendr is integrated with other social networks, directly allowing users to share and update their Blendr activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Unlike other social networks that connect users to people and places they already know, Blendr facilitates the discovery of new people and places with secure privacy settings and rich features that give users total control of how they want to connect and interact with others.

Oh wait. This is Sonar. Ok, not the most original thing we’ve ever seen, but hey, Grindr had staying power and this seems like a feature rich play on the same space as Sonar from someone with a lot of experience making the “meatspace” so damn appealing.

  Grindr Finally Reveals “Project Amicus”! Its a Grindr for Straights. Called Blendr!