Groupon Through the Glass Door, Darkly

Employees of the daily deal giant have filed a class action lawsuit claiming Groupon failed to pay them millions of dollars in overtime pay. It’s another blow to an already shaky company, whose accounting is being questioned by the SEC. Groupon cancelled its IPO roadshow earlier this week.

The story broke in PaidContent, which mentioned that several posts on Glass Door, a site where employees can anonymously rate their company and bosses, made mention of long hours under difficult conditions. Betabeat wandered over to check out some of these reviews. What we found was a little shocking. Some choice reviews:

New Management ( VP of Sales and sales managers) approx. 2 months ago.Ever since then it has been awful.

They micromanage you, expect you to work 10+ hours a day and on Saturdays!!!

The managers do NOT care about you or your personal life. In-fact, they don’t expect you to have one. They are heartless and care about one thing only- themselves and how much money they make. This used to be fun and they used to care about the customer. Now they do not. It is just about how much money GROUPON makes.

Work environment is terrible — People are densely packed into benched style seating, which creates for an ultra loud environment (esp in sales).

-Immense pressure to hit unrealistic sales goals
-Management out of touch with what’s going on during phone calls (it’s getting harder and harder to close deals as more and more people don’t want to work with Groupon)
-Used to be a fun culture. Now it’s all about the bottom line and feels like your typical call center
-Sales staff are worked to the bone

Change in senior management and new sales management approx 2 months ago – since then
its been horrible work environment.

Everyone is miserable and they treat the customers ( merchants) as well as employees with little respect. All they care about is how much money groupon makes. They also created a “boiler” room environment and micromange to the 100th degree. They suffocate you and you can barely breath or go to the bathroom with out feeling guilty.

They make you feel guilty to take a Saturday off to go to a wedding.

Sales staff cries all the time.

So to paraphrase: Groupon is a boiler room where employees are afraid to take time off to use the bathroom and are driven to tears by the pressure for more sales. It should be noted that these are anonymous reviews. But there are dozens of them describing the same conditions dating back for months. Kind of puts Groupon’s explosive revenue growth in a new light. Groupon Through the Glass Door, Darkly