Here’s to us and those like us

The Washington Township (Warren County) mayor and committee have some ‘splaining to do after the group erected what they called their Sept. 11 memorial, but instead looks to be a monument to themselves.

The Express Times reported earlier this week that the township’s Sept. 11 memorial, dedicated Sunday, did not actually mention the events of Sept. 11 nor the monumental loss of life that happened that day.  Instead, the chunk of granite listed the date, the fact that it was the ten year anniversary (though it doesn’t say anniversary of what) and the names of the mayor, the committee and the township administrator.

Retired Washington Township police officer Dennis Ryan summed it up best in an interview with the Express Times.

“I mean, how freaking narcissistic can you be?” Ryan said Tuesday.

Apparently the answer is: narcissistic enough to believe anyone cares about the mayor and the township committee.

Now, it seems nobody can remember who came up with the bonehead design.  The obligatory finger pointing began Monday and today, the Express Times reports the township removed its oh-so-poignant marker from public view.

Heck of a job folks.


Here’s to us and those like us