How 'Bout Them Brooklyn Nets?

Slam doink. (Getty)

Brooklyn may be home to a swelling creative class, but all that brain power—or at least that of Jay-Z, Bruce Ratner and Mikhail Prokhorov—could do no better than “the Brooklyn Nets” when it comes to naming the team, which moves to the borough next season. The Observer was really pulling for the Brooklyn Queens Expressways or the BroBos, but our dreams were rejected like a Kris Humphreys lay-up.

“We’re going to create an atmosphere like only Brooklyn can,” Jigga said in a press release. As our colleague Drew Grant informs us, Jay-Z will also be the first act at the Barclays Centre when it opens sometime next summer, with plans for eight shows among other festivities beginning September 28. That’s just a year and two days away. Jay had better get pickling if he’s going to have enough snacks ready in time.

Correction: An earlier version of this post originally mispelt Mr. Humphreys’ name as “Chris Humphries.” The Observer regrets the brick.

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