In His New Ad, Dan Smith Will Teach You Self-Awareness

Dan Smith, the guitar teacher whose ubiquitous bodega ads proclaim he “will teach you guitar,” has a new flier out this month. The ad features a relaxed Mr. Smith sitting in what might be described as semi-vertical Indian style with his guitar on the couch behind him. “Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar,” the new ad reads. “Everybody knows that…”

The New York Post sat down with Mr. Smith for an interview. According to the story, he’s hesitant to give such interviews because the actual guitar lessons tend to get lost in the clamor over his fliers, but like the shrewdest marketers, Mr. Smith knows there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“It’s awesome!” Smith says of… imitators, including another guitar instructor in town who started posting advertisements promising to teach you guitar “better than Dan Smith.”
“Go for it,” says Smith. “When people see that, they think of me.”

Whoa! Dan Smith could do a tidy little side business teaching you comebacks, too! It turns out that his guitar lessons are actually $80 and not, as the ads imply, forced upon you. In His New Ad, Dan Smith Will Teach You Self-Awareness