Irene Price Tag: $55 Million

A spokesman for the New York City Office of Emergency Management emailed reporters today to let the press know that the city had a preliminary bill for the damage that Hurricane Irene did last month.

And that price tag is somewhere in the neighborhood of $55 million.

“I emphasize that $55 million is a preliminary figure based only on the information we have been able to collect so far,” writes Christopher Gillibride, the spokesman.  “Many City agencies continue to collect cost information and we expect agencies will report additional costs.”

Help to pay for the recovery however may be on the way.

Writes Gillibride:

Last Friday, the New York State Office of Emergency Management and Federal Emergency Management Agency hosted a briefing for City agencies applying for federal disaster reimbursement. It will take several more weeks to determine the full extent of the City’s storm related costs and which of those costs are eligible for federal reimbursement. Under the Stafford Act, New York City is eligible to be reimbursed for nearly 90 percent of the cost of damage to public infrastructure, and costs associated with the response and recovery, including overtime and emergency protective measures taken before the storm arrived.

Irene Price Tag: $55 Million