Is NYPD Dropping the Ball on Park Slope Serial Sexual Predator?

A still of the attempted sexual assualt. (Via Daily News)

A string of sexual assaults in Park Slope and Sunset Park that stretches as far back as March 20 has residents of those neighborhoods worried about not only about what appears to be a serial attacker, but also about the NYPD response.

In June, according to Gothamist, officers allegedly turned down the chance to view surveillance footage of a would-be assault in the neighborhood (though they did eventually obtain the tape weeks later). Police released a composite sketch and questioned a man, but did not charge him.

A reader of the F*cked in Park Slope blog wrote in recently to say that she thought she’d spotted a man matching the description aboard the F train, but found the police somewhat less than interested.

And last night another woman was groped, on 12th Street between 8th Avenue and Prospect Park West, while walking home from the train. In her words:

My neighbors, who were sitting on the stoop of the house, came running when they heard my screams. I don’t think the guy saw them when he decided to attack me. The guy ran off. He was 5’4, dark hair, wearing a black tank top. One of my neighbors ran after him but couldn’t catch him. I was shaking. I could not believe what just happened to me. It wasn’t even that late. I came home and told my husband what happened. He ran downstairs. I knew the guy was long gone. Our neighbors told my husband that they already called the cops. When cops still didn’t show up by 1:00am I went to bed.

Needless to say, the comment section is outraged, and a “Safe Slope” rally has been scheduled for September 14.

  Is NYPD Dropping the Ball on Park Slope Serial Sexual Predator?