Jetsetter Sidles Into Airbnb Territory With Vacation Rentals

The flossy, flossy.

You know Gilt Groupe is in overdrive mode when even its verticals are diversifying.

Jetsetter, the travel site Gilt Groupe founded in 2009, must have liked the looks of Airbnb’s numbers,  since it just launched its own foray into the vacation home  rentals market with Jetsetter Homes. As The Next Web notes, Homes starts off with collection of 200 curated and verified villas in exotic international locales. Since this is Gilt we’re talking about,  the pricing is “exclusive,” with some options offered in the company’s customary flash sale style, depending on availability. Although in the case of these homes, we imagine the scarcity is more than just manufactured.

The booking site, which comes with international inventory, benefits from Jetsetter’s emphasis on luxe photography,  “including our revolutionary 360-degree tours which transport the user into palatial homes and fabulous infinity pools around the world,” says Jetsetter founder and CEO Drew Patterson.

Hopefully, Mr. Patterson learned from Airbnb’s mistake and invested in some hefty anti-vandalism insurance. I mean, have you ever tried getting graffiti off an infinity pool?

Jetsetter Sidles Into Airbnb Territory With Vacation Rentals