Jew or Not a Jew? There’s an App for That.

Who among us hasn’t wondered which celebrities and politicians we so admire are, in fact, Jewish? A new app for the iPhone called Jew or Not a Jew takes the guess work out of this bizarre and probably anti-Semitic parlor game.

Nicholas Sarkozy? Jewish Grandparents.

Domique Strauss Kahn? Jewish Mother!

The app is in English, but appears to be French in origin. While it has been pulled from the App store in France following protests, Betabeat just downloaded it onto our iPad.

The app allows users to search by name, category (actor, politician, etc) or by movie titles. It also includes the delightful features Popular Jews and Random Jew. Joey Ramone! Say it ain’t so.

The app contains a stats section which reveals that it is tracking 3501 famous Jews, with around 50 percent being American. Other large groupings come from France, Britain and Other. Most of these folks are actors, athletes, politicians or musicians.

To close things out, the app offers a spate of random Jewish trivia. Did you know my people invented the holograph, the TV remote control, the first effective treatment for syphilis and the Heimlich Manoeuvre. What a tribe!

Disclosure: Ben Popper is a full blooded, non-practicing Jew. This article uses an old Jewish invention called sarcasm to make its point.

Jew or Not a Jew? There’s an App for That.