Joe Zee Gets Whole Roast Chicken as Gucci Perk

Joe Zee, chicken-eater

Joe Zee is fashion director at Elle, and apparently one of the nicest guys in the business (even if more people recognize him more from The City or Project Runway than his own All On the Line). So it should be no surprise that he’s lavished with gifts wherever he goes…especially during Fashion Week. Though Gucci might have outdone itself with its present to Mr. Zee when they caught sight of him front-row during their Milan event this week.
From Mr. Zee’s blog:

Hungry and disappointed, I shifted my focus onto the chic flash of Twenties-inspired beaded dresses coming down the runway. Then, after a long 18 hour day, I came back to my hotel room to find flowers, tomorrow’s show tickets and a beautifully wrapped package from Rossi & Grassi, courtesy of Courtney and Gucci. I tore open that package first—of course—and was surprised and delighted to find a beautiful roast chicken!

Gucci is giving away free chicken now? From the looks of their shows this year, it’d probably be smarter to give a spare thigh or two to one of the models on the runway before they go berserk and devour Mr. Zee themselves. Joe Zee Gets Whole Roast Chicken as Gucci Perk