Matt Wing Out at Bill de Blasio’s Office

Matt Wing, a pugnacious presence by Bill de Blasio’s side since the 2009 campaign, sent out word this afternoon that he is stepping down as spokesman for the public advocate.

“Working for Bill has been one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences of my career,” Wing writes. “I am proud and grateful for having had the opportunity to serve at the side of an extraordinary public official and with the incredible team at the Public Advocate’s office.  I am now looking forward to pursuing new opportunities and to occasionally getting some sleep.”

Wing was a relentless and savvy advocate for the public advocate,  but was someone able to keep a good sense of humor about him when he stuck the knife in political opponents (and the occasional journalist.)

No word on where Wing’s next move takes him, but we wish him luck. Matt Wing Out at Bill de Blasio’s Office