Medialets Goes Beyond the App With Rich Media Ads on the Mobile Web

A Medialets streaming ad inside the NY Times app.

When Betabeat last wrote about Medialets, we highlighted the fact that they offered rich media solutions through HTML5, meaning advertisers didn’t have to worry about tweaking their campaign for Apple versus Android versus RIM. This had helped Medialets to score clients like The New York Times and The Daily, which despite being in bed with Apple during its creation, chose Medialets over iAd for their rich media needs.

Today Medialets announced it would begin offering the same services for the mobile web. “We didn’t go into mobile web first, even though there was audience, because the browser wasn’t ready,” Eric Litman, CEO of Medialets, told Betabeat by phone this morning. “But Apple and Google have been doing a ton of work on this, to the point where the mobile browser can support things like location or an accelerometer.”

As for the debate over what will eventually triumph, the closed app experience or the open mobile web, Mr. Litman says it’s all fairly academic. “It’s an ongoing debate, and no can tell you how this will all end. What out clients want is a cross platform solution that allows them to avoid stress. We deliver that–along with top flight analytics on the back end that allow them to measure in detail how their campaigns are performing.”

Mr. Litman says he sees two different kinds of relationships developing on the mobile front. “For the things you do every day–check the weather or read the news–you want a premium app experience. That’s what we do in app with clients like the NY Times or The Weather Channel. For the one-time things that come up, you might prefer a lightweight, mobile web solution, and that’s what we’re going to start offering as of today.” Medialets Goes Beyond the App With Rich Media Ads on the Mobile Web