Met Director Thomas Campbell: All About the Edge

From the slide show.

Metropolitan Museum director and CEO Thomas Campbell recently took some time out of his busy day to participate in the Met’s “Connections” interview feature and his contribution is now online. Just in time for the new website!

The “Connections” series offers slide shows with audio, essentially mini-lectures on abstract topics concerning the museum collection. Mr. Campbell’s topic is “The Edge,” as in “the edge of art works shown at the Met.” The staples at the edges of a Jackson Pollock, for example, put Mr. Campbell in the studio with the paint flying.

“It’s not always easy to get into a work of art,” Mr. Campbell says in the slide show. “You have to think your way into it but I always find that the edge, the outline, the profile, the exposure of the underlying material helps ground me as I go about my work.”

The gent loves edges! Enjoy. Met Director Thomas Campbell: All About the Edge