More News Apps News Expected at Facebook Conference


Fox News was the first broadcasting network to rollout the breaking news ticker on 9/11, so it’s not exactly surprising that News Corporation is ahead of the game again. Following The Wall Street Journal’s launch of WSJ Social on Sept. 20, more news organizations will unveil similar ‘Facebook editions’ at the annual F8 developer conference.

These branded news apps will resemble WSJ Social, allowing readers to consume content within the Facebook environment. Facebook invited several news outlets to produce pilot versions, including The DailyCNN, theWashington Post and the Huffington Post, according to Forbes.

Though we can’t say for sure why Facebook encouraged news organizations to develop applications, it’s probably because they don’t want people to click on a link and leave Facebook. We’re guessing users can expect the news apps to have ads in addition to those on the right-hand side of the site. More News Apps News Expected at Facebook Conference