Morning Links: All Simpsons All the Time

The Fox-Peckers at Media Matters are producing a Sirius satellite radio show [New York Times.]

News Corp. COO Chase Carey says an all-Simpsons channel could happen. [Forbes]

As Chris Mitchell takes over as publisher of GQ, he’s shaking up the business side and bringing Jenny Glassberg and Janice Trichon from Conde Nast Traveler. [WWD]

Juliet Lapidos, laid off from Slate, lands at the Times editorial page. [Daily Intel

The New York Times expects its 3rd quarter ad revenue to drop by around 8%, due to pullbacks from national auto and real estate. [Reuters]

Radiolab Genius Jad Abumrad said Public Radio needs more moods and New Yorker Genius Pete Hessler said he needs to learn Arabic. [Nieman/Denver Post] Morning Links: All Simpsons All the Time