Morning Links: How Journalists Become Fabulists

Former Newsweek editor Jon Meachem is now a contributing editor at Time.  [Adweek]

Working as an unsupervised foreign correspondent may have enabled Johann Hari’s plagiarism habit. [The Economist]

Dazed + Confused magazine contributed art direction to clothier Club Monaco’s lookbook and then had a party with a child of Serge Gainsbourg and a model to celebrate. This hundred word item says so much about the future of magazines it’s like a poem. [WWD]

Pour one out for NBC late night. The thirty year veteran executive Rick Ludwin in charge of late night programming leaving the network–Jay Leno is not speaking with him–and has been replaced by an executive in charge of reality television. [Decoder]

High schoolers are skeptical about the accuracy of news transmitted through social media, but it is their top source of news. [Poynter]

Morning Links: How Journalists Become Fabulists