Morning Links: Long Island Newspaper Mystery

Someone bought up all the Long Island weeklies. Who are they, and what news do they want to suppress? [New York Times]

Wolf Blitzer to Erin Burnett, whose CNN show begins October 3: “So you’re going to have no life, ever. You’re just going to be working all the time, for years to come.” [HuffPost]

A longer look at News Corp.’s News America’s attack on Floorgraphics. [New York]

“There’s definitely, I think, a cultural shift underway at Slate,” Slate redesigner Dan Check said. “There are things that we can do that keep us being Slate but that also take advantage of some of the learnings of other sites that have sprung up since Slate was started.” [Nieman]

Kimmel up, Letterman and Leno down. [Decoder]

In the wake of Hearst exec Matthew Petersen’s exit, iCrosssing CEO Don Scales now directly reports to David Carey. [Adweek]

  Morning Links: Long Island Newspaper Mystery