Morning Links: Vice Is Not a Magazine

Reuters strives to be more than a wire service, in case you couldn’t tell from all their recent hires. [Adweek

If you enjoy getting riled up about the influential cultural figures of your youth “selling out,” try this quote from Vice founder Shane Smith: “People still think of us as the magazine. They don’t realize that’s the smallest part of our business. Our future is to make seven or eight verticals globally with the biggest partners in the world, underwritten by the biggest brands in the world.” [NY Times]

Changes are reportedly coming to the top of Conde Nast’s Bride‘s masthead, and maybe Lucky too. [WWD]

Let’s not cast stones at GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry. We’ve all called Social Security a Ponzi scheme at one point or another. [Politico]

The Hollywood Reporter responds to the copyright infringement lawsuit from by  Nikki Finke’s rival site Deadline by taking down the carousel feature while its origins are investigated. [THR]

Johann Hari apologizes for plagiarizing and online bullying. [Independent] Morning Links: Vice Is Not a Magazine