Morning Read: Obama in the Apple, Cuomo’s Cars and a Park Avenue Bellagio?

President Obama is back in New York today for a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly as Palestine makes an effort to be recognized as a member state. The president has fundraisers planned while he is here.

New York’s gearhead in chief, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, took in a Nassau County auto show.

Cuomo appears to be backing off his demand for an independent non-partisan redistricting commission.

Republicans are considering adding a 63rd seat to the New York State Senate in order to maintain their razor-thin majority.

An ongoing investigation into the City Council’s slush fund scandal has cost the city $100,000.

Howard Wolfson reviews Amy Waldman’s novel, Submission, and says it “is a reporter’s novel full of incisive observations about New York’s complicated interplay of media and politics.”

The price of milk in New York City is skyrocketing.

Both Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos back a constitutional amendment which would permit casinos for New York.

The Times-Union says don’t expect casinos to be a budget panacea.

Congratulations to City Hall’s newest “Rising Stars.”

The price tag of Hurricane Irene on state parks is close to $15 million.

The last of the old coin-operated parking meters are being removed from Manhattan streets.

A protest against Wall Street shutdown Lower Manhattan yesterday.

President Obama will unveil a deficit reduction plan today that will include higher taxes on upper income earners.

Ex-Bloomberg flak Jason Post is back to repping his old boss as the Haggerty Trial gets under way.

Jury selection is supposed to be begin today.



  Morning Read: Obama in the Apple, Cuomo’s Cars and a Park Avenue Bellagio?