Morning Read: Quinn On Top; The Christie Constituency; Sheekey on the Stand

A look at the small band of Republicans pushing for a Chris Christie run for president.

Christine Quinn leads another poll of Democratic primary voters.

The City Council is investigating cost overruns for a Bloomberg-backed computer system designed to modernize the personnel system for the municipal work force.

Michael Powell finds managers at city-financed job centers ginning the stats.

Tom Ognibene is making a bid to take-over the Queens G.O.P.

Bill Clinton will headline an event promoting New York businesses.

The model for Andrew Cuomo’s ten regional business councils comes from Clinton, Jimmy Vielkind reports.

At the trial of John Haggerty, the defense portrayed the defendant as someone scapegoated by the mayor to avoid the appearance of disenfranchising minority voters.

Kevin Sheekey testified that the campaign gave the Independence Party the money to provide ballot security, not to provide Haggerty with a house.

Andrew Cuomo signalled that he approved of Mayor Bloomberg’s livery cab bill.

A new City Council bill would require the DOT to get local community board approval before installing bike lanes.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are proving to be too much for the NYPD.

Activists posted online the name and identity of  the police officer who pepper sprayed a group of protesters over the weekend.

The NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal, The Movie??

Alan Van Capelle has left John Liu’s office. Morning Read: Quinn On Top; The Christie Constituency; Sheekey on the Stand