Morning Read:Koch Approves; Cuomo and Christie Dine; Rangel Revealed

Backers of Bob Turner think his victory explains Barack Obama’s speech to the United Nations yesterday.

Andrew Cuomo put his schedules online yesterday in a new transparency initiative, and among the findings is that the governor and Chris Christie had dinner a few days before the Port Authority announced their big toll increase–a toll increase they said caught them unawares.

The mayor made his pitch for his livery cab proposal. The plan, which would outfit thousands of livery cabs for street hails in the outer boroughs, sits on Gov. Cuomo’s desk.

Bloomberg also said that of course the city would prohibit what kind of ads would be permitted on  the sides of NYCHA buildings.

Charlie Rangel’s portrait was unveiled on Capitol Hill.

A far more serious problem than ticket fixing: investigators in the Internal Affairs Bureau appear to have been leaking information about the case to police officers under scrutiny.

Cost overruns at a Bronx water treatment plant will hit ratepayers wallets, Juan Gonzalez reports.

Landowners who leased their land to natural gas drilling companies are now having second thoughts.

Gov. Cuomo’s tax cap could hurt flood recovery efforts in upstate counties.

Six subway stops in Manhattan will now have cell phone service.


  Morning Read:Koch Approves; Cuomo and Christie Dine; Rangel Revealed